Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This and That

Well the Eureka trip was mostly successful. We only managed to get the kitchen floor done, but it was a huge job. You would not believe the amounts of glue that someone used when putting down the original floor. It looked like they had just poured a bucket over it. And it all had to be scraped off or sanded down before we could lay new stuff. And someone at some point past had let water sit, and a chunk of the floor had dry rotted, so that had to be replaced too. Oh well. It looks great now!
I'm having trouble with Blogger and loading pictures, so the above 'after' shot is all you get.
In other news, all is well with our family. Being pregnant changes so much about our daily routine. It's very frustrating to...well, everyone, I guess. I'm forgetful like you wouldn't believe. I write things down so I don't forget, then forget to look at my list. Since I don't feel well, I move much slower and get less done. No cravings yet, but nothing sounds good either. I have a hard time deciding what to make for dinner because everything sounds blah. The thought of going to the grocery store or the library or wherever sounds so laborious. I had to psych myself up to Safeway yesterday, then forgot several important items.
Hmmm...that sounds very whiny. Okay, let's turn this around. This icky feeling should only last another 4 weeks (!!!) or so. Second trimester I usually have lots of energy. So for now, when I drop the ball, I just take the hit. Suck it up, keep going. One foot in front of the other. Do the next thing.
We can do this.

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