Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Is Coming!

Spring is right around the corner. I'm so happy. Today is bright and sunny, 54 degrees. We did Bible, Geography and Math. Then I canceled school because of sun!

The big kids and I cleaned out the Toddler Playhouse on the patio. We marveled at how many different kinds of spiders, pill bugs and pincher bugs can all inhabit the same space (is that science?). There was a big black spider with odd spots in the telephone holder. Actually, he's still there. He's more ugly than I am brave. I just told the girls not to touch him.

Olivia and Leah spent some time in the little house playing with plastic dishes and plastic food. Leah was the Mommy and Olivia was the Baby. Then Hannah joined the fun and got to be the Big Sister. Nathan refused to participate. He was off banging on trees and fences with a Nerf sword.

Baby Olivia is sick. She's been fighting something for a few days, but it seems to catch her last night. She threw up all over me, cried for a half an hour, then fell asleep. Today she is snotty and has a low temp. Poor thing.

Leah and Nathan are also fighting colds. Nathan is on the upswing today, he'll probably be fine tomorrow. Leah has another couple days, I think.

We got the good news that Hannie gets her braces off March 15th.

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