Monday, March 22, 2010

Little Bit

Good grief, it it the 22nd of March already? When you have a new baby, time gets away from you Every Day.

We have been especially busy, because our Little Bit is not gaining much weight. The doctor is concerned, but I am not, which of course creates tension and stress. Babies are 'supposed' to gain about an ounce a day as newborns. Livy had only gained 2 ounces as of last Thursday.

The pediatritian questioned me on every little thing and wondered aloud if perhaps baby had some sort of slow growth syndrome. I Googled 'slow growth syndrome' and that is most certainly NOT what she has.

Our baby is gaining in head circumference, and in length. She eats well, sleeps well, pees and poos just fine. She is getting stronger and more alert as time goes by. She's holding her head up for a few seconds now and is awake for longer periods. Except for gaining weight 'properly', she is doing exactly what babies are supposed to be doing. And she has gained another 2 ounces since Thursday, according to my digital baby scale. My gut feeling as a mommy is that she is just small - hence the nickname Little Bit.

Unless some other symptom presents itself, I am not going to worry about the doctors opinion, and I will certainly not allow any genetic testing. I skipped this mornings appt, and the office called to make sure I was going to come in later. I may take her again tomorrow for a quick check in, but that's it.

Well, that's it really. Just needed to vent I guess. Have a great day!

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bian5 said...

May God richly bless your kids and entire family of yours. AB