Saturday, March 13, 2010


Here are Bubba, Honey Bear and Sissy, all dressed up for church. Isn't Honey Bear's smile contagious?!

And here is Baby Olivia, whom we call either Livy, or Little Bit.

Wednesday was a lovely, spring-like day - sunny, clear, cool breeze blowing. A day difficult to dress for - short sleeves were too cold, long sleeves looked as if they would be too warm. We went with long sleeves and were glad because it turned out to be a VERY cool breeze.
Anyhoo, a bright sunny day, with a view of the mountains in the distance, a cool breeze. Well, they always seem to stir something inside of me. A wondering about the road less traveled. I don't regret choosing married, settled and children. But occasionally I wonder about what life could have looked like. Wandering around like a gypsy, going where ever I wish, seeing new things and interesting people. The wind in my hair, 27 bumper stickers, an old convertible.
The coming of spring seems to always reminds me of that small seed of selfishness I hide in the dark places of my heart. A cool, clear day always makes me take it out and look at it for a little while. But not too long. Exposing that seed to the sun and wind for too long makes it grow. Tendrils of discontent would sour and poison the road that was chosen. And I learned early not to make things more difficult than they have to be.
But I still sometimes wonder...

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