Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well, I did manage to get school done yesterday and today. Well, technically, Hannah is still working on her geography and I need to do some read-aloud, but we're pretty much done. Nathan worked on letters Q, R, S & T. Hannah is still covering money in math. Leah took a nap.

I thought we might have a baby last night. I had a few contractions, but they dwindled when I sat down and tried to time them. Ah well. I have stuff to do this week.

I am about 4 pages away from finishing up Grandma Gladys' conservatorship accounting. I MUST finish it! I DO NOT want to deal with it after baby. After baby, I need to do our taxes - that will be challenge enough.

Well, better go 'challenge' Hannah to finish up her work. I can hear her downstairs chattering with Nathan.

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