Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well, as you can see, I've gotten bored with the look of my blog again. How do you like this template?

The children had their dental appt this morning. Hannah had a tooth pulled. The adult teeth came down in front of the baby tooth, so the baby tooth never got loose enough to fall out. A mildly traumatic experience for my girl - the sight of blood makes her a little freaked out. The dentist also says she has heavy lower crowding and needs braces. So we have a Ortho referral in March. She takes after her daddy, that one.

Someone came to look at the screens in our rental today. Most of the window screens have holes, and a couple are just missing. And the sliding glass door had the outer pane of glass broken out. So, the guy estimated the cost for fixing everything and we'll see what the homeowner is willing to fix. Tomorrow the blinds people come out - the blinds are gone in the master and 2 other windows the blinds will not stay up when you raise them.

Nathan starts soccer tomorrow, assuming the field is not too marshy. Hannah starts piano on Thursday. So a week of firsts, all the way around. I'm trying a new recipe tonight called Chicken Enchilada Chili in my crockpot. I love my crockpot. If this turns out, I'll post a link to where I got the recipe.

Only 3 more weeks until baby. Just got a call today about the church arranging a baby shower for us. Aside from a few odds and ends, we mostly just need diapers. A relief for the gal planning the shower - we'll go low key. A short devotional, no games, try to keep the guest list under 10 people. Baby shower games are annoying anyway.

And I think my Dear Darling Husband (DDH) has selected the name for baby. We are 85% sure we will call her Olivia Jewell. Olivia isn't technically a Bible name, but the Biblical reference is there. We kept thinking about the verse in Psalms where it talks about children around your table like olive trees. Naming her Olive was a little too Popeye, but Olivia is sweet. So, Olivia means olive, olive tree, peace, new beginning (remember Noah's dove?). We'll probably call her Livy for short. Because being able to say Livy Wivy Pivy is just too cute!

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