Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All Moved In

We're in! We had lots of help from church, and we able to move in one day (Friday). Then on Saturday, dear friends from our homeschool group spent the greater part of the day with us getting all those random boxes in some sort of order, and getting the kitchen together.

Sunday was good - we were so tired from the move, we mostly just sat. Then on Monday evening, the water heater exploded. Well, not literally, but it began overflowing with water all over the garage. We noticed about 6pm, but don't know how long it had been pumping by then. There was debris in the line, so we couldn't even turn the water off. I paged the property mgt company three times over an hour before anyone responded.

The Lord protected us greatly. The water meandered between the legs of furniture, under the work bench, and pooled in a low spot in the center of the garage that just happened to be clear of stuff. The only boxes to get wet were full of random garage stuff like tarps and plastic bottles of cleansers and the like that weren't damaged by water.

By Tuesday afternoon, the new water heater was installed and all was well again.

Then hubs and I had that afternoon and evening. Two people who could not see the others point of view At All. One of those people is an only child, and the other is VERY pregnant and hormonal. Hurtful words, cold silence, and now an unspoken agreement not to talk about it.

I spent a lot of time crying and reading 1 Peter in the wee hours of this morning. Then dawn came with torrents of rain and gusts of wind. The wind blows the wet sideways. The lights flicker occasionally. I'm tired and fragile today. I have to facilitate a homeschool meeting in a little over an hour. I hope I can find my happy place soon. Or at least my plastic smile.

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hi you welcome to the neighborhood