Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 27th

I stayed home from church with the girls today - they are both sick with moderate colds. Should be fine in a couple days. The boys (Daddy & Nathan) went to church together.

While they were gone, I gave the girls a bath, took a shower myself, took down and boxed up all the Christmas decorations, got dinner prepped and in the crockpot, then made lunch.

So now, Christmas is officially 'down' in my house. Since I've also been packing the last few weeks, everything looks quite barren. I took down the decorative items in my bedroom today as well and boxed those up. Most of the deco items in the house are packed now. A few things left in the girls room and kitchen - odd sized things that won't fit into normal boxes. Also need to figure out how to move/store the large decorative pictures.

On the upside, the living room looks huge!

Michael is taking a quick nap, and I've sent the children to their rooms for a little quiet time. Maybe I'll go put my feet up for a few mintues. I'm sure Michael will want to go for a walk before it gets dark. Walking in the brisk winter air works up an appetite, and makes little children go to bed early!

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