Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well, we got back last night from Monterey Bay. What a lovely time! I hope to post some pictures tomorrow. We left Sunday afternoon and spent 2 lovely days on the beach.

A visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Monday was so awesome! Hannah's favorite thing was the seahorses. It was such a great exhibit. So many sizes and colors! And the leafy sea dragons were so cool!

My favorite are the octopi. I just love these critters! Unfortunately, they were crowded, so I only got to look for a minute. One of them was suctioned to the front class of the tank, so all you could see were suckers. The other guy was squashed way up on the front left corner of the tank, but you could see his red lumpy skin and one eye.

I asked Nathan what his favorite thing was and he said "the hotel". Go figure.

We played on a lovely, protected beach on Lover's Point. You must go there! We saw ginormous sea lions on the dock. A couple otters. Lots of birds - one of them stole Hannah's sandwich when she put it down to get a drink.

Michael says he loves the ocean. Something inside him feels 'at home' on the seashore. We'll have to go again next year!

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