Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Life with us...

Hoo boy, has it been a busy day so far.

Out the door at 8:42am to the grocery, pausing briefly to throw a load in the washer, then speed back for my piano lesson.
Make lunch, clean up, plan something interesting for dinner, put clothes in dryer.
Put Punky Bunkins down for her nap, sew button on Michael's shirt, admonish Punky Bunkins for getting out of bed.
Set up ironing board, swat Punky Bunkins for getting out of bed again, make a phone call.
Iron for 40 minutes (still didn't get it all done), get sewing machine out in hopes of finishing C's birthday present, wonder idly if it is proper to wish someone a Merry Christmas if you know they do not acknowledge Christ.
See receipt on the table that didn't make it into the checkbook, so sidetrack to put it in and pay a couple bills.
Read email, including a stupid article on why 09/09/09 ISN'T important to society at all, but someone still felt it necessary to write an article about it.
Post to my blog (lucky you!).

Things left to do TODAY:
Finish C's birthday present
find Cream of Coconut for the desert I'm bringing to dinner tomorrow
make dinner, eat dinner
stand over children while they do dishes
rearrange dishes in dishwasher

Well, better get going. That present won't finish itself...


Lisa said...

And some people think the life of a homemaker is one of luxury and laziness! I really do feel somewhat lazy after reading that.

Tyna said...

I don't have time to be lazy! Of course, being constantly busy tends to make one grouchy...