Monday, April 13, 2009

Grandma Helen

Nani was resting pretty comfortably yesterday. We took the whole family to see her for Easter. I'm glad I brought Leah - Nani seemed to really perk up and take an interest in her. The first time I've seen her care about anything.

As of this morning, here's what we know: There is some brain stem damage on the right side, which is probably what is affecting her speech. They want to do some therapy, but can't until they get her off the pain meds for her shoulder.

The ortopedic (sp?) surgeon came in yesterday and he's recommending 'a guided aspiration of the shoulder'. Basically, they want to put a needle in the shoulder joint and suck out any fluid or infection that might be there, then perhaps inject some cortizone for the pain. He was going to try to arrange this for last night or today - haven't heard yet. Still, the shoulder 'fix' isn't going to help with the swollen hand. One thing at a time, I guess.

Nani tires very easily. They seem to be giving her pain meds whenever she says she needs them now - a lower dose of course, but more often. It seems to be working.

Of a personal concern - Nani has not walked at all since she's been in the hospital - a full week now. I hope they can get her up and about soon - the longer she's in bed, the less likely she'll regain mobility. Sigh...

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