Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finally Well

The children and I are finally well. But Michael now is getting a cold. At least he didn't get the flu we had...ick!

Looking forward to getting some chores done around here that I put off due to illness. I finally got the garden box weeded. I need to break up the soil, pull the last few super weeds that I can't get out by hand, compost, then plant. I hope to plant by March 15. If anyone has the book Lasagna Gardening or the book Square Foot Gardening, I'd sure love to borrow them!

I also need to start our taxes this week.

Who likes Quiznos?! They are giving away a free small sub sandwich. Go to, click on the Million Sub Giveaway button, fill out your info. They'll email you a coupon for a free sandwich. Free is good!! I did it today, and the coupon says it expires on 3/2/09. So not much time to use it, but is free. You have to have photo ID to redeem it.

That's all I can think of for now. Hannah doing well with school. I've started Nathan with a more structured 'school time' each day. We're doing some critical thinking stuff and letter recognition.

Gotta go for now!

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