Monday, October 6, 2008

Cool Stuff

First off, I lost another pound! Woohoo! Only 4 more to go...I think I can do it by...oh...I give myself until the first weekend in November. Four pound in four weeks. Think I can do it?

Oh! Scroll down just a bit to the Follow This Blog link (on the left) and sign yourself up! I like to know who's actually reading my blog, ya know?

Oh yes! The week of Oct 27 will be the annual carnival giveaway. Lots of people giving away lots of stuff on their blogs. I'll be giving stuff away too. Mark your calendars! More info later.

Well, I'm off to take Sissy to her art class, then to Costco while she's being artistic. Pick her up, back home for lunch, put Bubba and Baby down for their naps, school with Sissy, phone calls to a couple of Michael's Virtual Tour clients...busy, busy day for me.

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