Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, it's officially Autumn. The air is cooler, colors are changing, the light has a different quality. We've broken out the warm clothing, the teapot and teacups, and the hot chocolate. I should bring in a bit of firewood so there's dry wood for that first rainy day.

I'm beginning to mentally organize my 2nd Annual Ornament Exchange. Leave a comment, or email me if you are interested. Same rules as last year - have to be willing to give out your mailing address, ornaments must be $5.00 or less, you pay for shipping. I'm thinking I'll do it the week of Thanksgiving, with ornaments to be mailed no later than Dec 3rd. I'll send out an email to my usual peeps the first week of November to begin the info exchange.

I have also begun this week to have mandatory outside time each day. The children must spent at least a half an hour outdoors. With this lovely weather, who can resist? Plus, it gives me some time without them underfoot. So I can vaccuum, you know?

Well, I'd better get Sissy's school stuff finished for the day. We're meeting Brenda and her boys at the park at 2:30. Have a great day, everyone, and I'm sorry that yesterday's post was so incredibly whiney...I'm better today.

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