Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting Ready

We want to move. The housing prices are really great right now (if you're buying). We are becoming more and more underwhelmed with our current neighborhood, plus we're outgrowing this house.

So, until we find the right house with the right lot with the right price in the right neighborhood, we'll be working on getting our own house ready to sell. To that end, you'll probably find me nattering on here about whatever current house project we're working on.

Yesterday I began the cleanup of the front of the house. I trimmed 4 bushes, pulled some weeds, replaced a few sprinkler heads and raked/disposed of dead leaves under the shrubbery. Not finished yet - a few more bushes to trim, one to rip out entirely, some major weeding on the side by the gate, planting of pretty flowers or shrubs to fill in gaps, and probably put in some new bark. This will go slower than I like, because my greenwaste bin is now full and I have to wait till next week for the city to empty it. Greenwaste is only picked up every other week, so I have to pace myself with yardwork.

With my hour or so of yardwork yesterday, 2 things have become apparent to me. 1 - I am terribly out of shape. My thighs and bottom are SORE! And 2 - Children can be kept contained/entertained/controlled by simply giving them some hand-held clippers and showing them a bunch of weeds to clip. It was fantastic! I watched carefully the first 10 minutes to make sure they were going to be careful enough not to cut any fingers off. They did great for the whole hour!

Today's project is much more boring. I will be arguing with my friendly Medi-Cal representative, and probably with Grandma's Gladys' skilled nursing facility, over unidentified charges. Medi-Cal says we owe about $21,000 for skilled nursing charges, but the report showing those charges all say Unknown. From a laypersons perspective, it looks as if the skilled nursing facility billed Medi-Cal for unknown procedures and/or unknown medication for $2000+ at a time, and Medi-Cal actually paid it. And now they are looking at me to get that money back. I don't know about you, but I dislike paying large amounts of money for unknown procedures performed on someone else. Sigh...

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