Monday, April 14, 2008

8 Days To Go

I'm in a bad mood today. Nothing is actually wrong, I just woke up in a funky mood. Actually, I can't say I 'woke up' because I don't really remember sleeping last night. Can we say 'hormonal brain fog'?

I'm supposed to make a couple phone calls today, but I can't remember who to call. Whom to call? You risk bodily pain if you correct my grammar today...

Hannah has an art class at 11, and what, pray tell, am I supposed to do with Mighty Man for an hour until she's done? I need to get some fabric for the fantastic baby sling my lovely friend Lori offered to make me, but the only fabric place around the art studio is WalMart, and when I called and asked if they have batik I got the silent phone equivalent of a blank stare. I then asked if they had any fabric that does not have a right or a wrong side. She said "I don't think so." Well. That was helpful. Thanks so much.

And the notorious Broken Toy Monster struck again this weekend at Hannah's birthday party. The door on the play structure out back is broken off. Not just popped out of the bracket thingies, actually broken. Oh yes, that's one of the phone calls I'm supposed to make today. How much does a new door cost? But that means I have to go outside and search the play structure to figure out what brand it is, then look it up online to find a phone number. Sigh...sounds like work.

Well, Hannah has art class today which she would be highly annoyed to miss even for a new baby, and Michael has to do a virtual tour tomorrow night, so sweet Lord Jesus, any time after 8am on Wednesday would be great for going into labor. Please?!?!?!

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Anonymous said...

Tyna, we pray that God bless, strengthen and provides his help these days, and further. We hope that everything will be fine. God bless you, and yours. Anatoliy and family