Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bad Manners

Yesterday I had a moment of clarity. I have decided that the thing that makes me angry the quickest is bad manners. Here's what happened to give me my moment of clarity:

A few days ago, my van wouldn't start - just clicking noises when I turned the key. The tow truck guy said the battery was dying. So yesterday I took my van in to be serviced and have it checked out. They told me they would test the battery, the alternator, the electrical, etc and to expect to have the van there several hours. So I arranged for my Auntie Kay to pick us up.

So I am 8 months pregnant, trying to keep close tabs on 2 children in the service bay, and getting out 2 carseats, purse, diaper bag and jackets and lugging everything to the lobby. As I am struggling with all this, there are THREE strong young men at the service counter watching me. They are not on the phone, not typing, not shuffling papers. Just sitting and watching me. One of them actually is resting his chin in his hand.

I make it to the lobby and sit a few minutes waiting for Auntie. I see her drive up, so I gather children, jackets, bags, and a carseat. My six year old little GIRL wrestles her own carseat out of the lobby to Auntie's car, while ALL THREE YOUNG MEN watch us go.

I spent the rest of the day simmering over the death of chivalry in America.

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