Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting better...

The last 2 weeks have been very hard, but it's getting better. I am feeling much better, with just a bit of a cough left. The kids were sick too, but they are pretty much over it now as well.

We bought a new van a couple weeks ago to replace our old one. We love the new van and it has all the things that the old one didn't that always annoyed us, so that's good. But the weekend after that, we got a bill from Department of Health services for $46,500. Michael's grandmother used Medi-Call for 4 years and they want their money back. If you didn't know, Medi-Cal is free as long as you are under the age of 55. After that, they will collect for any services rendered.

So anyway, we now have a new car payment, plus we owe $46K for his grandmother. Nice. Talk about financial stress! So do we stay with the original plan of selling the old van, and just have both payments? Or do we sell the new van and make do with the old one?

Since grandma left her house (it's currently being rented), the plan is to use the rental money to pay for the $46K loan. That house needs so much work, plus the real estate market is horrible. There's no way we can sell it any time soon. We'll keep the new van, sell the old one. I think. Michael hyperventilates every time he thinks about our $65,000 debt. I guess we won't be doing any of the home improvement projects we've been talking about any time soon. Sigh...

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