Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's all coming together...

Yesterday was very productive for me. I had no car, so I stayed home and got stuff done. I swept and mopped all sweepable/moppable floors (but the mop died, I need another one. The squeeze/wring mechanism broke), I did laundry, I cleaned out my side of the closet (that feels so good!) and finished Michaels scrapbook Christmas present (whew!). All Christmas gift-related activity is complete! Except Kim's. I love you darling, but I'm not gonna make it by Christmas, so I give up. New Years is an acceptable gift-giving holiday, isn't it?

Today will be last minute returns at the mall (ick), a last minute trip to Wal Mart cuz I forgot to buy diapers (duh), and I'll probably just HAVE to treat the children and myself to lunch somewhere. I think we deserve it after fighting mall crowds 5 days before Christmas.

Hope you all are being productive and efficient and all that good stuff.

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