Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Week in Review

Hello all! This is kinda sad, but I am glad Christmas is over. I mean, I really enjoyed it - I love Christmas! But I am sooo looking forward to having my house back in order. And I can't wait to get that dead tree out of my living room. Getting the ornaments off that dry, bristly thing is going to be a pain in the gluteous maximus.

So, what happened over the last week? I hosted Christmas Eve dinner. My Auntie Kay and Uncle Ken came, along with their boys, Dan and Greg. And my grandparents came. So it was a small gathering. I made pot roast. Which was NOT done by the time I wanted to serve it. We had to stall another hour so we watched the children open gifts and exchanged a few ourselves. Family left about 8pm, which is when our friend the L family came to visit. We talked for a couple hours, had pecan pie, then they went home.

Christmas day was lovely. We opened gifts in the morning. I made a breakfast casserole (yum!), which we also had for lunch. Michael decided that we needed to do a Christmas Project. So we cleaned out the garage (somewhat) and he made a shoe rack for our closet. I got it primered yesterday, and hope to get it painted today, so we can actually use it tomorrow. It is such a delightful, satisfying feeling to have an organized, tidy closet!

For Christmas dinner, we went to Auntie Kay's house. For some reason that I am unable to understand, my Beloved did not want to show up on time. He said we'd be the first ones there. Yes, true, but so what? Anyway, we showed up about an hour late to find out that we had missed a family fight. I can't decide if that's good or bad. But the rest of the evening was pleasant.

My dear cousin Frank brought his girlfriend and she is a delightful woman. Articulate, good manners, speaks easily with everyone, and most important NICE! And just as cute as she can be. I talked with several family members and we all agree that she brings out the best in Frank. So Frank, dear, if you're reading this, We Like Her!!

Well, I've got to get my day started. My Beloved got me a beautiful watch for Christmas, and I need to get it sized today. Plus painting the shoe rack, taking down ornaments, etc and I have a busy day. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

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Wendy said...

It was a good thing you missed the family fight, I'm sure. As entertaining as they can be, it's too easy to get caught in the crossfire, you know? Still, it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Hope your New Year's was good, too. Welcome to 2008!