Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Day 3...

So, one of my New Year's resolutions was to do a sugar fast in January. I have gone 2 days without sugar. So far, it's going okay. I switched to tea, instead of coffee, because coffee without frou-frou creamer  is just...ick. I had made sure to give the children all the sugary stuff to eat the last couple days of December, so there is very little sugary in the house right now.

I most miss cereal. I make my own granola, that I used to have each evening before bed. But it has brown sugar in it. So I switched my snack to a piece of whole wheat toast and butter, maybe a piece a fruit. My stomach has not complained.  I find that I sleep better if I have a carb before bed.

I have not told anyone that I am doing a sugar fast.  The last time I tried this, I broadcast it loud and clear, and there were a couple people who delighted in bringing junk in the house 'to see if I could resist'. Not really funny. So, I'm keeping it low key to see if I do better this time.

I tackled several organizational projects the last couple weeks. I have one big on left - the filing cabinet. I want to go thru every piece of paper and purge, organize, and also create a better way to find all our important documents quickly. A sort of home legacy drawer or something. I hope to tackle the purge on Thursday, and the organization on Friday or Saturday.

On Monday, the children go back to school, and the super busy schedule starts again. But we are halfway done with the school year, so it feels more like a countdown now.  Each of the children have a small homework 'thing' to do before classes next week, so I hope to squeeze them in over the next few days.

I intend to post here every few days to journal this sugar fast. I think having a clear record of what went well and what went wrong is a good idea. 

The piano gets tuned today at 9am. It's supposed to rain today, but I'm hoping it holds off until after the piano is tuned. Keeping 6 children perfectly quiet for an hour is impossible. I have a quick run to the grocery planned for early this morning. And my friend S. is coming to visit around noon.  The little boys have a dental appt at 4:30.  A moderately busy, but pleasant day.

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