Friday, August 5, 2016

I'm a rebel!

Folks, today I did something so crazy-backwards, I shock myself.

A certain small someone who shall remain nameless spilled a HUGE CUP of watermelon juice in the kitchen.  Then dear Sethy ran up and had a grand time splashing it all over. Side thought - it's really hard to clean a big mess with a 2yr old 'helping' and a 4yr old wailing.

People, my whole dining room and kitchen were so sticky, I just couldn't bother with sweeping. So I mopped the whole floor BEFORE I swept. After the stickies were gone, I swept. And you know what? The floor was just as clean as when I do it the other way around.

Y'all. The brazen backwardness of it all just makes me quiver! Makes me wonder what other processes might work backwards.

And then Seth took off his undies and pooped on the floor.

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