Thursday, January 28, 2016


Tuesday was a day.  The kind of day when you stand there, dumbfounded, at all the things that went wrong in a mere 12 hours.  Let me highlight 2 things that exemplified my Tuesday.

A particular child was NOT doing what they were supposed to be doing, and so was goofing off.  Said child accidentally broke something that I loved.  I may have let an ugly word escape my mouth, and realized that I had to leave the room.

It took me longer than expected to calm down, but I managed.  Same child was responsible for making lunch - quesadillas.  I got them started, everything appeared to be going well.  I went to the back of the house to put laundry in the dryer - two minutes, tops. As I pushed the button to turn the dryer on, that child runs past me with a kitchen garbage bag ON FIRE!!!  Okay, it was a small fire, but still.

We got the bag outside, stomped on it a few times, poured some water on it.  It was fine.  The house was fine, no one was burned.

Apparently, child found a left over smoke bomb from July 4.  Child decided that 6 months was very old, and wondered if the wick would even light.  So, they tested the wick.  Yup, it lit just fine.  Child freaked out and threw smoke bomb in the trash can.  Which was full of paper.

Child was appropriately apologetic, beat themselves up for awhile, and life went on.

Don't you envy me?

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