Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stuff in general

Okay, the horse heads are set to be sewn up and stuffed tomorrow.  Sticks on Thursday.  Decorating and bake the cake Friday afternoon.

Here's my completely realistic goal for Saturday:

Tape off Friday night, so that right after breakfast on Sat, we can start staining.

Stain till 11:30.

Make/eat lunch, then clean up.

Frost cake (probably have Hannah do this while I am staining).

Have Hannah and/or Leah cut up some veggies for snackage.

Party starts at 1pm and goes till 3.

After party, tidy up and start dinner.  Probably something easy like spaghetti & salad.

Sounds totally do-able, right?  Today, Hannah and I are in a knitting frenzy to finish 2 stuffed animals by Sat.  I think we would each need to knit about an hour and a half, so this is do-able too.  Really.  We can do this. I think.

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