Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Random Thoughts...

Hello all!  I have a few minutes to string together, so I thought I'd try to post.

The new adventures in our world currently involve chickens.  We bought 10 baby chicks about 3 weeks ago.  The currently live in a refrigerator box in the garage, but Michael and the children are building a chicken coop.  We expect the coop to be done in another week or so, and the chicks are due to 'graduate' to their new dwelling the second week of September or so.  I'm told they should have all their feathers at about 8 weeks old.

We got 2 chicks of 5 different varieties:  Black Australorp, Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, Silkies, and Barred Plymouth Rocks.  The children let me name one of the Buffs.  I named her Peaches - I know...I'm terribly unoriginal when naming things.  But she is just the color of Orange Marmalade.  The feed store assured us that the chicks had all been sexed and we had a 97% guarantee that the chick are all female.  I really figured that at least one chick would get 'loved' to death, and that at least one would end up being a rooster.  So far, all 10 are alive and well.  But Peaches is developing a little comb on 'her' head.  And she has noticeable larger feet.  Another week or so to be certain, but I have definite suspicions...   Why did it have to be Peaches?!?!

We've been snapping pictures of the chicks and the coop (and my knitting) but somehow downloading the pics doesn't happen very often.  And they always get loaded onto Michael's computer, which is a Mac and I'm not proficient at.  Sigh...

My knitting progresses.  I finished the tunic I was working on for Leah.  It's too big.  But it fits Hannah.  So she gets it this year, and we'll pass it to LeeLeeBear in the spring.  I've started on a stuffed animal snake for Nathan.  The yarn he chose is horrible.  It's a nasty acrylic - it's not soft, it doesn't slide through the fingers, make my hands a bit sweaty.  I named the snake Dreadful.  I'm trying to finish it as quickly as I can, but it's hard to get motivated to work on it.

Oops, my battery is dying.  More another time, my friends!

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