Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Getting ready...

Not a lot of new things have happened since my last post.  Most of my time is taken up with school, household stuff, and getting ready for Christmas and baby.

To that end, I seem to be making a lot of lists.  One for projects I want to complete in Dec, another for January, a list for what to take to the hospital, even a list for stocking my bathroom supplies.

My other obsession right now is knitting.  I am working on a Swaddle Sack for baby right now.  I have about 5 more inches of boring knit and purl rows.  The interesting cable stuff is already done.  But I commit to finishing this before I start another thing.  A couple of hats for baby (at least 1) and a pair or knit pants for baby.

Then I plan to start knitting a tunic for Leah's birthday.

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