Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A new week

Remember when I posted last week and said that I had a mild cold?  HAH!!!!!  Later that afternoon, that cold came in full force.  I was completely flattened for 2 days - Michael stayed home with us so that pesky details like feeding the children and changing diapers would get taken care of.

I was sick from Tuesday afternoon until Sunday afternoon.  Really, really sick.  I feel much better now, but still have a sniffle.  Hannah was also super sick with me last week.   An entire week of doing nothing.  It feels like such a waste.

This week will be bare minimum for school.  We have several appts and a field trip this week, and there are 2 extended family members with severe health issues.  I want to be a help there, but it will require a bit of time and planning - hence limited school.

I have made a list of projects that I wish to have completed before baby arrives.  I've grouped them so that a few get done each month.  I have 7 remaining for November, 5 for December and 5 simple ones in January.  I think we can do it.

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