Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Oh boy...

I cannot believe I have not blogged since  April.  Incredible.

April is always a busy month, several family birthdays, a Project Faire (with 3 children entering), Dr appts, hubby researching a new responsibility, Orchestra rehearsals, Bring Your Child to Work Day.  Then May was not much better in the way of business. 

But now it is June, and I hope to be able to slow down a bit.  This month we are only doing 1 trip to Tahoe, getting several quotes on remodeling the kitchen, talking with a financial planner about retirement, going to a homeschool conference, Father's Day, a couple dental appts, and finally a church-wide baby shower event at the end of the month.  And planning for another mini-vacation in August and another in October.  Oh, in case that isn't enough to keep me exhausted, I'm pregnant again!

Woohoo!  Our newest blessing should arrive end of Jan/beginning of Feb.  I think I might be nesting already because I desperately need to deep clean and organize and knit!  And I still have my goal of finishing Hannah and Nathan's math textbooks by the end of July.  I can do it if I'm diligent about doing a lesson Every Day!!  If I tell myself that we will finish our curriculum plan by the end of July, then I have August as a buffer. Then the new school year will start in September.

Well, that's all for now.  Josiah is fussing and needs a nap and I need to start a load of laundry. I will try to post more often!

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