Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

What a delightful Mother's Day we had here. My hubby and son planted eight 6-packs of pansies in the front planter box. Eight! And hubby has a bad back. He is so getting the Husband of the Year award!

We had a lovely family dinner for local family members. All told there were 12 people in attendance. A small gathering, true, but it seems the family is branching out in other directions. The cousins mostly all had their babies ages ago and those babies are all coming of age and doing things in other parts of the state. So the gatherings dwindle a bit each year.

But that's okay. In about 10-15 years, my little tribe will be branching out and those family gatherings will grow again. Exponentially! The thought gives me warm fuzzies.

So, now a few items for your reading pleasure:
1. I have decided to let my hair grow. Less work that way. Wash, towel dry, put up in a bun or braid, done. Someday when I have time again, I'll do the cut, style, dry, products, primp thing again.
2. The garden is planted. In pots. Romaine, tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumber and basil. Salad at the Begley's!
3. One small flowerbed in the backyard is almost cleared of rocks and weeks. About 2/3 done. The done part is planted with impatiens and lobelia. Perhaps the other 1/3 will happen this week. Who knew rocks could reproduce?!
4. Planning a trip to Eureka next week. The house needs new carpet, new linoleum, refinishing 2 hardwood floors, a fan in the bathroom, insulation, a new roof and one more window. And if that doesn't keep us busy, we'll prep the outside for painting. Anyone have a random orbit sander we can borrow?
5. We finish our unit study of Australia this week. Next week there will be no school for the Eureka trip. Or rather, school will consist of learning 'life skills' like sanding, hammering, stripping old lino, etc. Then 3 more weeks of school, for an estimated finish around June 10th. Summer studies will consist of Ancient Egypt, various animals, and how to entertain a 16 month old while Mommy bakes bread...

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