Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our New House!!!

We have an offer on this house. It's a short sale, but the homeowners have accepted our offer and have agreed to submit ONLY our offer to the bank. Banks can be fickle of course, but our agent and their agent feel our bid is fair and the bank should have no reason to refuse or counter it. So, here's to hoping!!
It's 2281 sq. ft, 4 bedroom, 3 car garage on just shy of a half acre. I'm having trouble moving pictures around, so here they are in no particular order...
Master Bedroom

Family Room & Kitchen

Entry/Living Room/Dining

Front of House - Oak Trees!

Kitchen - granite is black and white with flecks of a beigey sort of color

Back yard - they made a huge, elaborate patio


Erin said...

Where is it? It looks nice!

Anonymous said...

We will pray!!! Wouldn't that be marvelous ?!?!?!? DRIA

Anonymous said...

It's Beautiful! Thank you for following our blog. :)