Friday, September 24, 2010

What is the moral?

A small firm calls a meeting of its leadership staff. The topic to be covered is leadership principles - how to be a leader, how to encourage leadership qualities in your staff, etc.

As the 4 staff members enter the small conference room and are seated, they see in the center of the table a pencil, a bell, and a small candy.

A man rings the bell, and is awarded his choice of the pencil or the candy as a prize for being 'such a leader' by the trainer. He picks the candy.

This irritates the woman next to him. She thought to ring the bell, but decided that hearing such a sharp tone in such a confined space might be annoying to the other people in the room. Does this mean she is not a leader?

She takes a multi-tool out of her purse (you know, the kind with 84 kinds of screwdrivers, hooks and such), dismantles the bell, and lays the parts in a nice, neat row up the middle of the table. She then takes the pencil, snaps it in half and gives one half to each of the two other managers in the room. She then sits back and waits to see what the trainers reaction is.

What is the moral of the story?

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