Wednesday, September 15, 2010


School is starting to settle into a pattern. We start school at about 8:30 by reading a chapter of the Bible, then journaling our thoughts about that chapter. The children re-tell me the story that the chapter spoke of (narration/comprehension). Then spelling words are taken directly from the text for Hannah.

After Bible/Writing/Spelling, Hannah goes off to do her piano practice while I work one-on-one with Nathan. Leah spends her time coloring, cutting and pasting paper, puzzles and the like.

After this we have a short break for potty, a quick chore, etc. Then back to the table for Geography and Science. Then Nathan is done for the day and goes to do his own thing while I do Math with Hannah.

When all the 'real' schoolwork is done, I do a read-aloud for everyone.

It's working...

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