Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby Olivia flips...

I went in last night to have the external version done. Got there about 8:15, got checked in, got a room.

And then people started showing up.

It was such a strange sensation. With the last 3 babies, and with most other milestones in our life, Michael and I have felt like we just did it ourselves. There wasn't anyone available to hold our hands, so you just suck it up and get it done.

This time, I had multiple volunteers to watch my littles ones, phone calls and emails of encouragement, and two dear friends stayed at the hospital with us until after 11pm, when we were released. Wow.

Michael and I kept looking at each other and communicating silently. 'What are we supposed to do with these people?' I kept feeling like I was supposed to entertain them. My friend C had to tell me several times that they were all here to minister to us, and we just needed to relax and do whatever it was that God had for us. It was lovely.

But anyway, back to Baby Olivia...

My Dr started the procedure at 9:52pm. She finished and left the room by 10pm. She said it was the easiest version she has ever done. After two minutes of lifting and pushing, Baby O flipped right over and stayed put. May I just add that those 2 minutes were VERY painful? VERY. Red-faced, sweaty, death-grip on whatever I could reach kinda painful. Not quite as bad as labor, but certainly in the same category.

But it only lasted 2 minutes. Anyone can survive anything for 2 minutes. Anyhoo...they monitored me for an hour and fifteen minutes, then sent me home. Baby was fine, not even a blip in her heartbeat showed on the monitor. Of course, my heartrate was spiking all over the place.

So, after an hour, I started getting what my hubby calls 'feisty'. I was hungry! They hadn't let me eat for 11 hours at that point. I was tired, sore, starving and shaky from the muscle relaxer they gave me (and lack of food, and stress). They shut the monitors off, but didn't remove any of them. So, I started taking them off myself. By the time the nurse came back in, she just had to remove the IV.

Today I am pretty darn sore from the internal exam, and there is a small bruised feeling spot on the bottom of my tummy, but overall I'm feeling just tired. We got to sleep at 1pm, and Leah woke me up at 6:30 this morning.

All is well, God is good.

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Erin said...

Glad to know all went well. I was thinking of you during the night!