Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The last 30 days in review...

This past month has been busy and stressful.

We have sold our home. We have to be out by Jan 12th. But as of yet, the bank has not responded to our offer on a short sale in Rocklin. It's been 98 days now. The bank has assured us that all looks well and they will give us an answer very soon. I guess I need to request that they define 'soon'.

So in 4 weeks, we will have no house. Should we wait another week to hear from the bank? Or go find a rental now? We can't do a lease, it's has to be a month-to-month rental. What if we only need it for 2 weeks? Grrrr....

We have had several inspections on our home (the one we live in right now, not the new one we're hoping to buy). The pest inspection found two 'potential risks' that we needed to fix before our buyers could get their financing. We fixed the 2 completely stupid and petty things, and had the pest guy come back to check it. He was going to charge me $75 to look at a gap in my fence. ?!?!?!?!?

I politely protested using words like extortion and non-disclosure. He came out and did it for free. Pest inspection is cleared and certified!!

Then today I got the renewal notice for Michael's business license. We originally filed in the city that we live in. I called City Hall and asked if we should re-file in the city we will be moving to instead. They said we should have a business license for every city we do business in.

Okay - Michael takes photographs for real estate agents. In 3 counties. Do you know how many cities that is??? Let's pretend it's only 20 cities, and they charge $35 a year for a license. Outrageous!! I'm not going to think about it. LALALALALALALALALA! I can't hear you!!!

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