Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Recap

Valentine's Day around here was...interesting. It started about 6:30am. After I nursed HoneyBear, she spewed all over the place. Ugh. She was mildly lethargic most of the day and wanted to be held a lot, but didn't sick up again. We decided to keep our dinner date plans. Around 2pm, I noticed that I was feeling a bit 'off'. We left around 5:20pm for dinner, and by 6:30 I was distinctly queasy. I was not about to cancel dinner though, so I just ate a little and plastered a polite, plastic smile on my face. We got home about 9:30, and I went straight to bed.

On Sunday, I was sick, sick, sick. Monday I felt much better, but by then Hannah was sick. This morning, everyone seems to be well. Nathan said his tummy feels icky, but he ate breakfast, and is playing as usual. I'm not sure if the complaint was genuine or just a sympathy ploy.

Well, gotta get started on my day. Banks to call, lawyers to annoy, and children to play with...

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