Monday, November 24, 2008

Famous Unknown People

I was talking to...someone...the other day and mentioned how much I enjoyed the writings of James Herriot. The dear befuddled person looked at me and said "Who?"

I'm afraid I didn't react very well. My brain stuttered to a stop at the preposterous notion that anyone out there does not know who James Herriot is (was).

Hello?! All Things Bright and Beautiful? All Things Great and Small? The famous English veterinarian that wrote several books about his adventures as a country vet? Really, if you do not know who Herriot is, you MUST go to the library RIGHT NOW and get one of his books. Or two. Or 5.

And then come back and have a sweet dialoge with me about the miracles of veterinary science combined with human compassion.

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Miss_Sarah15 said...

I certainly know about James Herriot; I read all of his books when I was probably about 12-13... I have a number of them. I enjoy the stories, but the constant swearing irritates me.