Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Night Breeze

I had a moment of loveliness last night that I wanted to share...

Last night I went to a meeting for my local homeschool group. It was a planning meeting for the new school year. There were lots of ladies, lots of bright, cheerful light, lots of talking and planning and sharing and laughter. And 3 babies (I love babies...)! A lovely time was had by all. After 2 hours, we were (mostly) done and I had to leave.

At about 9:15pm, I stepped outside into instant darkness and quiet. It was such a contrast, I just stood there for a moment, taking it all in. There was the soft glow of a street lamp a couple houses down. A cool, gentle breeze against my skin. No traffic noise, no voices. Just the breeze whispering through...I could hear crickets off somewhere (or were those frogs?) in the near distance. Stars twinkled above.

It was a moment to take a deep breath and just be aware. I walked slowly to my van while directing some warm fuzzy thoughts to my Creator.

It has reminded me to find moments of loveliness in each day. What lovely thing 'grabs' you today? Leave me a comment so I can enjoy too!

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Becky said...

How beautiful girl, I do know what you mean, I was having a cup of coffee outside one morning, and all I could here was the birds, and the slow sounds of the creek. Makes one stop and thank our creator.