Monday, January 14, 2008

What I Want For My Birthday

Well, today's the day. I am officially 35 years old. My OBGYN says I am of 'advanced maternal age' (that's what the medical profession calls it when middle-aged women get pregnant). She also says that I'm not 'allowed' to have 10 pound babies, but that's a rant for another time.

Well, after having been asked several times what I want for my birthday, I have come up with the following list:
  1. I want to go potty BY MYSELF.
  2. I want to take a shower without someone under 3 feet tall staring at me or hearing a screaming match erupt from the other room.
  3. And would it be too much to ask to get just one birthday card in my mailbox? I appreciate the phone calls and eCards, but there's something special about a handwritten note, even if the handwriting is just someone's name. What has happened to the art of note/letter writing? Okay, okay - another rant for another day.

Okay, I'm done with my wish list. Off to take a shower with audience, then to Costco. Have a great day!


Scott said...

So sorry I missed your birthday.
I hope it was a great one, filled with lots of trips to the bathroom ALONE and in peace and quiet.

Enjoy your advanced maternal age!

Tammy said...

Oh, I'm a day late, too...:(
A very Happy belated birthday, Tyna!

I hope you had a great day...(and um, that you got to go potty by yourself! teehee)

You know, just think about this...I was 35 when I had my FIRST baby! I felt pretty young, though...
But next week, I'll be turning a full decade older! Yikes!
Not so sure I feel as young...some days yes, others...well...
but though having young children does make me tired, it does make me younger at the same time...if that makes sense! ;)

I'm sorry about the lack of birthday cards in the mailbox...I've had years like that, too!

Anyway, I hope hearing from this old mommy here has made you feel just a tad younger!
Birthday blessings to you!