Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Life Continues...

Thanks for all the well wishes for my Hubs! He did manage to crawl through the last 2 days of the week at work (couldn't miss that training, ya know!), and thank goodness it was a 3 day weekend. So by Tues he was 95% better, with just some mild queasiness. Today he seems just hunky-dory.

Yesterday, as he hurried off to work, he discovered a very flat tire on his car, so he got to take my minivan to work! I wanted to be his hero, so I decided to remove the tire from his car, then call my Gramps to come and take it up to be patched, then I'd put it back on. Are you visualizing this? Remember that I'm 7 months prego!

First off, it's raining. Nice. So on with Hubs oversized rain jacket. The kids get to watch a cartoon while I'm outside, so I'm not too concerned with them. They never move when the TV is on, which is why they don't get to watch it often. Anyway. I dig around on Hubs workbench for that giant X thing that takes the lug nuts off. Out to the car to discover I need a flat screwdriver to get the hubcap off. Quick trip back to the garage, where I think to bring along the floor jack. Back out to the car, pop off the hubcap. It's still raining. I figure out which hole in the X thingy fits onto the lugnuts and what-do-you-know it comes right off! Woohoo! This won't be so hard. Unfornately, the lugnut gets stuck in the X thingy. Umm...I can't get it out, which means I can't get the other lugnuts off.

So as I stand there staring dumbfounded at the giant X thingy, my neighbor Mr. Lee comes out and offers to take the tire off for me. Chivalry is not dead!!! He takes the X thingy from me and tells me it's called a tire-iron. Well, that's silly. How does one iron a tire with an X thingy?! And why would they want to?

Anyhoo, Mr. Lee heroically gets the lugnut out, jacks up the car, and gets the rest of the lugnuts off. I thank him quite effusively, and we part ways. I call my Gramps who comes to get the tire, has it patches and puts it back on for me. AND - the tire shop doesn't charge him for the patch!!! Is that just the coolest blessing of the day?!?! So I send my grandparents off with fresh baked cookies and several hugs. The children and I will take more cookies over the the Lees today as well.

So, I'd better get myself together for the day. We have a trip to Super-Walmart planned. If you really need a stressful day, take 2 children and a very pregnant belly to your nearest Super-Walmart.

So. What have you been up to? OH! Before I forget, don't forget to check out my blog next week. I'm participating in the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival this time. I think I picked a really cool giveaway! Go to to check out all the details!

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Wendy said...

"How does one iron a tire with an X thingy?!" I love it! That was super-nice of your neighbor, and terrific that the shop didn't charge for the patch. Your good deed for your hubby worked out so well on all fronts. Glad he's feeling better, too.

And yes, going to any Wal-Mart pregnant with children is an exercise in stress-management. LOL